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Prepare for a positive birth experience

Preparing For a Positive Birth Experience

With The Mindful Birth Group


Ever heard of ‘hypnobirthing’? Or ‘mindfulness’? Chances are, you’ve probably heard of both, but a lot of mum’s I speak to aren’t 100% sure what they mean for pregnancy and birth. Well, the truth is, they will transform your experience- and that is my promise to you! In this guide we will cover

  • Relaxation techniques (including guided relaxation audios which I provide to you)

  • What your body does to birth to your baby (so you feel totally at ease with this natural process)

  • What your options are (so you feel comfortable with any unexpected changes in the journey, and with any decisions you may need to make)

  • Writing your birth preferences (in a way that makes sense to your care providers and you and your birth partner)

I will give you all of the tools in this simple guide, I just need you to practice them daily from now until your baby is born.

This guide is given to you by audio or printable text. I do this to reduce screen time (for better relaxation) and allow you or your birth partner to listen wherever you may be.

It’s in 4 parts-

  1. Preparing for a positive birth experience

  2. A positive birth experience

  3. After the birth

  4. Writing your birth choices and preferences

In your second trimester, we’ll focus on part 1 and Part 2. As you move into your third trimester, you can start to think about what will happen after the birth and also write your birth choices and preferences. There’s no harm in doing the whole course in one go, if you would prefer to!

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