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Pregnancy Nutrition Summary

Pregnancy Nutrition in Summary

1. Everything works together

Vitamins and minerals work in synergy with each other. This is why a well balanced diet is so important. 

2. Morning Sickness symptoms can be reduced 

Good nutrition, eating little & often, before getting up in the morning, and keeping well hydrated can all help relieve symptoms of morning sickness.

3. Mum's immune system changes during pregnancy 

Keeping a strong immune system can be aided by getting enough sleep, minimising stress, exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. 

4. The three stages of digestion are affected

Digestion is slowed during pregnancy, which can result in some unpleasant symptoms. Keeping well hydrated and eating certain foods such as dates and prunes can help. 

5. There are strong links between mood and nutrition

Post natal depression, and feelings of low mood during pregnancy are very common. Protection from this can come from good nutrition and hydration.