Mamahood & Me




Motherhood will change you forever and with a newborn you may wonder how on earth you are going to mange – but you will. All mothers feel inadequate at some time, don’t worry about not being good enough – because you are. 

As a mother you are on an incredible journey of growth and development with your newborn. 

The food you choose to feed your baby is an integral part of this growth and development, furthermore, research shows that the early childhood diet has a huge impact on our health as adults.  Knowing that it will affect your child for the rest of his or her life try your best to ensure your baby grows up eating healthy wholesome food. This can of course be daunting and frustrating and your intentions will not always go to plan – but just remember you are not alone mothers face this challenge every day.

A new and unique relationship evolves for every parent as their baby grows. Each week you invariably find yourself in uncharted territory as your baby learns to smile, laugh, sit, stand, walk and talk (and argue!). Whilst it can be a challenge for any parent it can also be a time of joy and love greater than you have ever known.