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Hormone Disruptors

Hormone Disruptors 


Are you out of balance? Can you blame it on your genes?

The metabolism of hormones and balance of hormones is multi-layered. We need good sleepclean food, junk free diet, toxic free environment and our genes, our DNA, needs to be expressed in a healthy way.

The challenges we face today start with our environmental toxic load, the foods we consume the packaging they are stored in and the water we drink, the water we bathe in or shower in. We absorb through our lungs and our skin.

Oestrogen Toxicity happens due to malfunctions in the body of the breakdown of oestrogens. We are challenged through pesticidesplasticscleaning productsbeauty products, so many things we’re putting on or in our body are mimicking oestrogen in our body or causing infertility issues. Males are suffering too, having smaller testes and lower sperm count. There are many health issues surrounding oestrogen including cancers driven by oestrogen dominance and oestrogen toxicity.

Symptoms of toxicity;

You may respond negatively to perfumeschemicals, slight moodinessbreasttenderness, difficulty being around aromaticsbrain fogweight gain as this actively produces oestrogen and headaches.

A more complex aspect of our health involves possible difficulties processing oestrogen due to our own unique detox pathways, our methylation pathways. Our in house nutritional therapist Susie is able to dig deeper if you feel this is an aspect you suffer from. 

Our inability to detoxify can manifest in many ways, infertility, skin issues, fatigue, poor tolerance to medications including the Pill and alcohol. Histamine and digestive issues. History of miscarriages also relates back to a methylation issue. Nausea in the first trimester can also be linked to a methylation issue which needs to be supported with methyl folate.

The 3 BIG Ps: Perfumes, Pesticides and Petroleum


Plastics have the same biochemical structure whether they are in foods, perfumes, plastics, hormones, alcohol or natural aromatics. They can block the receptor sites causing the toxin to stay locked in, and yet the body is still not receiving the true oestrogen it needs. It is a case of mistaken identity! The brain thinks we do not have enough oestrogen. Oestrogens are critical throughout the body and the gut.

Our in house nutritional therapist Susie can use the 'Dutch test', the gold standard in hormone testing, to find out how your hormones are performing.  

Prior to conception it may be wise to run a stool test to ensure your gut flora is in balance, to reduce toxic load and to ensure your digestion is working optimally to give you and your baby the best possible nutritional status. 'Beta Glucuronidase' is a marker in a stool test which tells us whether there is a pathogenic bacteria load and whether there is a malfunction in the detox too. Stool testing is important as the balance of our gut flora is key to healthy hormone balancegood moodand strong immunity - 90% of our immunity sits in the gut! The skin is a wonderful window into our gut, history of eczemapsoriasis and rosacea are signs your gut flora is out of balance.

Progesterone imbalance

 This may happen due to oestrogen dominance, from years of taking the pill, and many other factors. Symptoms include;

• Shorter cycle or irregular cycle

• Low mood 

• Poor connection with others, yes progesterone is boosted by connectivity our modern day texting is not communication and the great disconnect effects our hormones, effecting our brain health too.

• PMSbreast tendernesssugar craving all signs hormones our out of synch, skin changes and constipation prior to your period.

• Low sex drive, sex increase testosterone levels it is key to have healthy intimacy for healthy hormones

• Insomnia especially prior to your period but poor sleep has a major knock on with your adrenal glands cortisol remains dominant

• Hair loss and thinning also related to hypo thyroid issues

• Changes in appetite

• Not coping with stress, flying off the handle!

What can be done? 

• Eat healthy essential fats to balance blood sugar to feel full for longer and to balance hormone level, fats heal, fats are your hormone friend. Daily flaxseed, 1tbsp, sesame seeds and chia seeds aid hormone balance and removal of toxic hormones • Eat a diet rich in zincpumpkin seeds, chickeneggs and oysters are the highest form of zinc a great conception food!

• Authentic connection hugging, laughter increases progesterone

Testing your hormones for optimal balance and ensuring healthy gut flora are key in optimal conception Susie can guide you if testing is required or to guide you with a deeper detox

How to reduce toxic load – we now live in a toxic soup!

• Ensure liver function is good; reduce coffee,

no alcohol and add in bitter foods to support bile flow

• Take a good quality fish oil to aid hormone balance

• Eat a diet rich in dark green leafy vegetables

• Supporting good Bile Flow to remove toxins out of the body; drink warm water with lemon, put celery into your juices, radish into salads, fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, leeks and asparagus make a wonderful soup and support bile flow. Carrots encourage secretion of bile too.

• Include Organic apples in your diet, pectin in the skin is wonderful at aiding detox

• Eat more broccoli and broccoli sprouts. Beetroot supports the liver and wonderful in salads, roasted or steamed

• Remove all plastic containers, water bottles, stop using cling film, aluminium foil, choose clean care products Green People, Dr Organic to name a few, shower gels without parabens, sulphates, and PEGS.

• Only put on your body what you would eat - if you don’t understand the label don’t use it!

• Use aluminium free deodorant

• Say no to throw away coffee cups the lining is toxic to your hormones, choose a bamboo or other non toxic material to have your daily coffee or even better herbal tea! If you are a coffee lover think organic water filtered coffee and no more than one a day as a hormone disruptor and may stress your adrenals

• Safe removal of amalgam fillings only using a dentist who is experienced in this to keep you safe.

• Begin to add in supplemental chlorella and spirulina to your morning smoothie or in capsule form

• Add in dulse seaweed to your salads or soup stocks to pull out toxins.

• Practice dry skin brushing to boost your lymphatic flow

• Exercise and sweat more!

• Eat a diet high in fibre and bursting with anti oxidants

• Use a charcoal based binder to pull toxins form the gut, using liposomal zeolite and increasing glutathione all help to boost detox of toxic metals

• Supplementing with vitamin c and Alpha Lipoic Acid 

TOXIC LOAD how to reduce and to detox, aim to give yourself at least 3 months prior to conceiving, running a hair mineral analysis £59 with Susie is an excellent base line for toxic metals and allows us to see if you are excreting toxic metals.