Mamahood & Me


Body Weight

So, one baby weighing anywhere between 5 and 12 pounds , plus around 2lbs of placenta and amniotic fluid, and mum is most likely to experience an average of a 10lb weight loss in the hospital after delivery. Over the next week or so another 3 to 5lbs of water weight will be lost as the body finds it's balance.

Mum's body has just undertaken an enormous feat. It's time to be proud of it and thankful of all it has achieved. Yes it has changed, yes it feels different and perhaps a little wobblier in places than before, but now is the time to make sure the body, and new baby, are both nourished. Now is not the time to be under pressure to lose weight quickly.  

Now is the time however to try to follow the advice given on this course on eating wholesome nourishing foods and concentrating on repair and recovery.